My Life on HOLD!

The past four months have been a world-wind. Working along side with some of the most creative and interesting individuals, getting invited to Chicago’s hottest events to surgery, bed rest and endless reruns of the infamous Laguna Beach. Described as an extrovert and a “doer” the last thing I can imagine myself is being one-to-one with my beautiful Natori Ikat print bed sheets for weeks. Yes, did I mention home in the city of Rock-and-Roll Cleveland.


This marks one week past my surgery on both my feet and countless hours on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, looking at friends enjoying the beautiful weather in Chicago. Today also marks the day I received my diploma from DePaul University. I did it!

While I sit and feel pity for myself and drag about the plans that I don’t have for life I get a phone call. A 30-minute phone call with one thing remembered: take risks and don’t make excuses. Thanks dad for the encouraging call because now I have the sudden urge to job hunt, blog, heal and get back to Chicago.

So, prepare yourself for the blog to be filled with new music, DIY, beauty, recipe & so much more!



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